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Today we are building off last Sunday, and looking at things that must come to pass before the Lord Jesus's return.

We're in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. 

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Preached at ICC on Sept. 10th, 2023

"Little children, it is the last hour."

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Today we are looking at the importance and significance of baptism.

Join us!

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Today we read the Pergamos Pastor's mail, from the Lord Jesus. 

Join us!

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Today we are going to read about the persecuted Church at Smyrna.

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Today's sermon was preached by Dr. Larry Lamb, from Cielo Vista Church in El Paso, Texas. 

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Today we start chapter 2 of Revelation.

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Today we are in Revelation chapter 1, and looking at the awesome splendor of the Lord Jesus Christ, up in heaven.

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Today we start a verse by verse preaching series through the entire Book of Revelation.

Today, 1:1-7, plus an introduction to the book.

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We are in Philippians chapter 4 this morning, and looking at the Book of Life.

Join us!

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We are in 2 Corinthians chapter 12 today.

God is the One and only One who is responsible for our healing and deliverance.

When I am weak, then I am strong.

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Today Pastor Al Nucciarone from Jerusalem Baptist Church brings us the word.


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Jesus said, "One of you is going to betray Me?

11 asked, "Is it I?"

The last man, Peter, said, "Not me!"

This is the subject to today's sermon.


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We are in Romans chapter 1 this morning.

There is a sin that will cause God to give you over, if you continue in it, and are unrepentant.

This is the subject of today's sermon.

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Preached June 11th, at ICC.

Paul said that our citizenship exists in heaven!

Are you a true member of the House of Representatives?

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We are in Philippians chapter 3. Today we're going to learn alot about striving from the Apostle Paul. 

Join us!

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We are to work OUT what what God has worked IN us!

We are in Philippians chapter 2 this morning.

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You can take great and comfort and assurance, knowing that the Bible is the Word of God--without fault, or error.

This is the subject to today's sermon.

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Preacher Ralph Williams delivered a powerful sermon to our Men's Group here at Island.

Please listen to this excellent sermon!

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My Mother's Day sermon, from Titus Chapter 2.

There's alot of pressure today on women, to follow the word of God. Today the Apostle Paul gives us some sound instruction.

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Today we look at the False Prophet of Revelation chapter 13

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Today we look at the world famous Antichrist.

After today's sermon, you'll know more about him than he knows himself. 

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Today we are looking at 20 points concerning the mysterious 2 Witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11.


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Is Climate Change real?

Find out here!

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Preached on Resurrection Sunday, 2023.

Taken from John 11:25-26


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Today we are in Philippians chapter 2. 

Join us!

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Today we start the Book of Philippians.


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There is no more important sermon than this one--what do you know and believe about Jesus Christ??

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Today we wrap up our study of the man, Moses.

What a great man of God!

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Today we look at the 10 Plagues that God send down on Egypt.

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Preached at ICC on Feb. 19th. Today we are looking at the name of God, as revealed to Moses.



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Preached at ICC .

Today we look at the holiness of God.

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Today we start a new series on Moses.

Please join us!

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Today we wrap up the Book of Ephesians.

Paul instructs us how to overcome the attacks of the devil.

"The Armor of God."

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The Apostle Paul says that it's not too late to buy back some time from God...

While we still can.

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Preached at ICC on Jan. 15th.

We are in Ephesians chapter 5 today; please join us!

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Ringing in the new year is Associate Pastor Daren Solana with a strong message from God concerning the return of His son.

Join us!

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