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Jesus said, as it was in the Days of Noah, so it will be when I return.

So what characterized the days of Noah?

Find out more today on WGOD Radio.

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Preached at ICC on April 29th.

Today we look at the Persecuted Church of Smyrna, where, in a few short years, would be led by the great martyr, Polycarp.

Join us for this important look at persecution in the Church, and throughout all ages!


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Today we continue our mini-series through Matthew chapter 24. Please join us!


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Preached at ICC on April 22nd.

Today we start the first of 7 letters that the Lord dictated to the Apostle John, to deliver to the Pastor/messenger of a group of 7 Churches. Today we look at the loveless Church of Ephesus.

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Preached at ICC on April 15th.

Jesus tells us in today's sermon that He has the keys to hell!

Join us as we continue Revelation chapter 1.

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Preached at ICC on April 8th.

When the Lord Jesus returns, the Bible declares that the people will wail!

Please don't miss this podcast, the beginning of the Book of Revelation.


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The Rev. Jim Johnson delivers our Resurrection Day sermon from the Gospel of John chapter 20.

Enjoy this POWERFUL message from God's word!


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