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WGOD Radio, with Bible teacher and translator Dr. Paul W. Esposito. We teach the New Testament verse by verse through a daily, 30 minute radio broadcast and podcast. The sermons originate from Island Community Church, in Merritt Island, Florida (www.islandcommunitychurch.net)

What's your method of leading a person to Christ?

Phillip the Evangelist gives us a great one today, on WGOD Radio!

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Phillip the Evangelist shows us a great way to witness to people on the fence. Part 2 of 3

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Today on WGOD Radio, we are looking at Phillip the Evangelist, Acts chapter 8.

Join us.


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(Sorry for the poor audio). Preached at ICC on Jan. 29th.

Today we are in Acts chapter 9, and look at Saul's dramatic conversion.

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Preached at ICC on Jan. 19th.

Today, we're in Acts chapter 8, and trying to answer the question why it took the Holy Spirit longer to fill the Samaritans than other believers.

"One Lord, one faith, one baptism." (Eph 4:5)

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Preached at ICC on Jan. 12th. 

Today in chapter 8 of the Book of Acts, we are introduced to the ultimate Christian hater, a young Pharisee named Saul.

Little did Saul know what career changes were awaiting him, just around the bend.

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