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WGOD Radio, with Bible teacher and translator Dr. Paul W. Esposito. We teach the New Testament verse by verse through a daily, 30 minute radio broadcast and podcast. The sermons originate from Island Community Church, in Merritt Island, Florida (www.islandcommunitychurch.net)

Preached at ICC on March 29th.

It's a power packed sermon today, as we see Paul and Silas wind up in prison, and a demon possessed woman pointing the way to true salvation.

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Today on WGOD Radio, we are in Hebrews chapter 8, and looking at the end of the Old Testament covenant.

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Today on WGOD Radio, we are in Acts 15, and following closely this dispute, as to whether or now we have to follow the law to be right with God.

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Today on WGOD Radio, we are looking at Acts chapter 15, and the very first Church council.

Preached at ICC on March 22nd.

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Preached at ICC on March 15th.

Last week, we saw the doors were closed. Today, we see the Lord Jesus Christ open up the door for us, in which NO MAN can shut!

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Today on WGOD Radio, we're looking at Paul's run in with Elymas the false prophet.

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Today on WGOD Radio, the Apostle Paul meets a MAGI named "Bar-Jesus.

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Today on WGOD Radio, we see that Paul and Barnabus get into such a disagreement (over Mark skipping out) that they part company.

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Today on WGOD Radio, we start chapter 15 of the Book of Acts.

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What does the Bible say about the Corona pestilence?

Find out the answer to that question today, on WGOD Radio.

(Preached at ICC on March 8th, 2020)

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Question: have you been ordained?

Answer: I certainly hope so! The Bible declares that "As many as were ordained to everlasting life believed." (Acts 13:48)

That's where we are at in today's message--Acts chapters 13 and 14.

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